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New Questions Over Actions of State Police in Uvalde School Shooting

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Special Agent Luke Williams, one of the State Police, entered the school, ignoring requests to stay on the school’s perimeter. “If you have kids there, you need to go there,” he said, according to a state House committee report.

Rangers entered, but moved to another part of the school to help other classroom students evacuate the school.

Sergeant Maldonado, who lives in Uvalde, arrived at the school with the first police force, including Mr. Arredondo.

In video footage reviewed by The Times, the sergeant could be seen holding the door open, armed with a rifle and wearing a tactical vest. Another officer was heard saying, “We have to get in there.”

DPS trooper Crimson Elizondo was also seen staying outside on body camera video as other students entered the school less than 10 minutes after the shooting began. Over the summer, she left her department for her job at the Uvalde School Police Department, where her school district fired her after some of her parents objected.

I was able to see a video of another state trooper, Ranger Christopher Kindell, working on a tactical plan. Later in the response, Ranger Kindell consulted extensively with Border Patrol agents within the school, and later led a breaching team, with additional shooting prompting the team to advance to the classroom door at about 12:21 p.m. After that, we continued to talk. Break the door for nearly another half hour.

An internal investigation is also underway into the actions of Ranger Kindell, Special Agent Williams, and Trooper Elizondo, according to one of the people familiar with the investigation.

Trooper Elizondo did not respond to a request for comment. Ranger Kindell, reached by phone, declined to comment. Special Agent Williams was not immediately contacted.

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Edgar Sandoval contributed a report from Uvalde, Texas, and Robin Stein from New York.

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