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In GOP Ad Wars, Trump Takes an Uncharacteristic Supporting Role

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Trump has a war chest of more than $130 million, but his ad campaign is defined by his attempt to avoid expensive ad fees while letting other Republican groups dominate the airwaves. It has been. Advertising rates are determined by supply and demand. These costs typically skyrocket at the end of the election season when campaigns and political groups try to flood the airwaves.

Some Republicans said the former president should have done more. In the third quarter of this year, Trump raised nearly $25 million of his money online. That’s about 15% of his $1 donated on his WinRed, the leading online donation processing site for Republican supporters. But Trump’s TV budget is just over half of the advertising budget to attract more donors to his political campaigns.

In Arizona, Senate Republican candidate Blake Masters is being spent more than 10-to-1 on television by Democratic incumbent Senator Mark Kelly, and Republicans are skeptical that Trump will deploy resources in the state. I was waiting for Republican strategist Barrett Merson said.

“There’s no question that the race will end on a Republican side, but whether Trump’s support is too little or too late, I don’t know,” Merson said.

How do Times reporters report politics? We trust journalists to be independent observers. As such, Times staff members may vote, but are not permitted to endorse or campaign for any candidate or political cause. This includes participating in marches or rallies in support of causes, making donations or fundraising to political candidates or electoral causes.

Yet even Republicans critical of Trump’s total spending praised the substance of his ad campaigns. and should help drive Trump supporters into the polls.

“The ad was tactically effective and the message was very good,” said Republican strategist Scott Jennings. It’s a good thing.”

Ads vary in tone and issue from state to state. The group has targeted his five campaigns for the Senate, and this week added a new seat in favor of Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon.

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