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Illegal trade threatens endangered tigers, 150 seized a year | Wildlife News

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Poachers continue to target the skin and body parts of big cats, undermining conservation efforts.

Global seizures of tigers and tiger parts have averaged 150 per year over the past 23 years, making them critically endangered in the wild despite continued conservation efforts, according to a new report. It highlights the pressures facing animals who are

Overall, between January 2000 and June 2022, seizures of various tiger parts amounted to a conservative estimate of 3,377 big cats, as well as whole dead and live tigers. , Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group Traffic said in a report released Wednesday.

Seizures took place in 50 countries and territories, but the majority were in 13 countries where tigers are still found in the wild.

Home to half of the world’s remaining wild tigers, India reported the most incidents and had the highest number of tiger confiscations. China (212 – 10% of the total) and Indonesia (207 – 9% of the total) were next.

TRAFFIC warned that given the nature of the illegal trade, the numbers indicated levels of human trafficking but were unlikely to reflect the true scale of the crime.

“The evidence clearly shows that poaching and trafficking are not temporary threats. It has to be a priority,” said Kanitha Krishnasamy, co-author of the report and director of TRAFFIC in Southeast Asia.

TRAFFIC says there is a “troubling” link between the illegal trade in tigers and their parts and captive breeding [Supplied/Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Thailand]

The seizure in the first half of 2022, the year of the Chinese Tiger, indicates poachers were involved in a “relentless pursuit” of the world’s remaining wild tigers, TRAFFIC said.

The report notes a “significant” increase in seized animals in Indonesia, Thailand and Russia.

Indonesia, home to the endangered Sumatran tiger, seized more comparable tigers in the first half of 2022 (18) compared to all seizures in 2021 (16).

“Poaching and illegal trade remain dangerous threats to the survival of tigers in the wild,” the report said. “Despite decades of effort, investment and pledges, the pressure on wild tiger populations has not eased.”

Wild tiger populations were thought to number at least 100,000 in 1900, but hunting, poaching, and destruction of tiger forests have left the animals in only a few countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Russian Far East. not living.

Experts say tiger poachers come from people, mainly in China and other parts of Asia, who believe that eating certain tiger parts cures a myriad of ailments and improves strength and stamina. Stimulated by the demand for food, they are said to be engaged in illegal trade.

According to TRAFFIC’s latest report, it identified at least 675 Facebook profiles in six Southeast Asian countries involved in illicit trade, with three-quarters coming from Vietnam. It also noted links between accounts involved in the illegal sale of tigers and tiger parts, and accounts offering products made from ivory, bear parts, and rhino horn.

The report also noted that in recent years, tigers confirmed or suspected to have come from captive sources such as zoos and breeding farms have been seized.In Thailand and Vietnam. More than half of the seizures involved tigers suspected to have been kept in captivity, it said, demonstrating “serious problems” in the fight against tiger trafficking.

Given the persistence of illegal trade, conservation groups have urged countries to use intelligence-driven investigations to dismantle entire criminal networks and ensure “strong and predictable” prosecutions to generate sizable profits. It called for making law enforcement more effective by deterring traffickers who seek to raise the bar. Total from trade.

“Increasing penalties may not be as effective as hoped. Instead, increasing the likelihood of traffickers being caught and convicted in the first place will help potential criminals assess cost-effectiveness. , may impact more effectively,” the report said.

Other recommendations include closing markets, including online markets, to combat illegal trade in tigers and their parts, tighter controls on tiger farms, and more targeted action to reduce demand. .

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