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Home Business Farmers will get 2.2% more for their milk next year — and retail prices could go up, too

Farmers will get 2.2% more for their milk next year — and retail prices could go up, too

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The Canadian Dairy Commission says so-called farm gate prices for dairy products will rise another 2.2% from February as the supply management industry says its costs continue to rise.

The Crown Corporation, which oversees Canada’s supply-controlled dairy system, has announced how much farmers will receive for their products from February. This is an indicator known as the farm gate price.

In Canada, the dairy industry operates under a so-called supply management system, with prices paid by producers of milk, cream, yogurt and cheese set at levels that ensure the production and sustainability of the industry. .

Prices can fluctuate at the retail level, but one effect of supply management is to set a baseline price that farmers can expect for basic products when they leave the farm.

The group raised its farmer’s market prices by 8.4% in February, when inflation was raging in all parts of Canada’s economy. The group has since taken the almost unprecedented step of raising prices by another 2.5% from September 1, 2019.

This adds up to about 2 cents per liter.

The new prices will go into effect from February after being approved by various state agencies.

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