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Tortorella tees off on Toronto media over treatment of Leafs coach Keefe

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John Tortorella isn’t trying to apply the Toronto Maple Leafs’ struggles to his colleague Sheldon Keef.

Tortorella, who the Philadelphia Flyers face the Maple Leafs at Scotiabank Arena on Wednesday night, praised Toronto’s coach and blasted local media for his treatment of the man managing the other side in a head-to-head meeting with the East. conference opponent.

“I coach Sheldon, but I think coaches know other coaches. You don’t know what he did for the team,” Tortorella said. gathering of media afternoon.

“I have to admit. I coached him and had conversations as a young coach in this league…you guys throw darts at him because you want results. Throwing darts at him is Always a coach, but watching him and coaching him makes me think he’s a great coach.

“Honestly, I hope he jams to you guys. Not tonight. I have a huge amount of respect for him.”

Toronto started the season with a dismal 4-4-2 record that placed the Maple Leafs seventh in the Atlantic Division and 23rd overall in the NHL standings.

Keef was at the start of the slump key player call 2 weeks ago, private meeting The next day, between him and some of the team’s stars.

The roster also appears to be in flux. Diverse lineup All give similar results.

“There’s a lot of shit going on here in the city about this club,” said Tortorella.

Toronto is still on a four-game losing streak. And the heat is headed straight for Keef.

“That’s it,” said Tortorella. “It’s part of who we are. I have no complaints, but I think he’s a really good director.

“You guys have no idea what he’ll do for the team.”

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