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Russia-Ukraine War: Pentagon Unveils New U.S. Command and More Ukraine Aid

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WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is setting up a new command to oversee how the U.S. and its allies train and equip Ukrainian forces, the Pentagon said on Friday, adding $400 million in new security assistance. Released with the package.

The Pentagon’s commitment to arms supply to Ukraine and the new command underline that the United States expects the Russian threat to Ukraine and its neighbors to persist for years to come. said current and former US officials.

Sabrina Singh, deputy spokeswoman for the Pentagon, said at a news conference that the command would “ensure that we are poised to continue to support Ukraine for the long term.” “We will remain committed to Ukraine as long as it is needed.”

In the military, a command is a focused organization that specializes in a particular geographical or strategic area. The new command, called the Security Assistance Group-Ukraine, or SAG-U, will be based in Germany and sit within the structure of the Pentagon’s European Command. With about 300 staff, It was focused on one mission: to help train and equip the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The new command streamlines a training and support system created on the spot after Russia’s invasion in February.The Times reported in September that a new structure was underway.

A revamped aid program led by a high-ranking general Succeeding Lt. Gen. Christopher T. Donahue is Army Commander, 18th Airborne Corps, Christopher T. Donahue, who over the past few months has coordinated much of the U.S. military assistance to Ukraine from behind the scenes.

The leading candidate to take over the new post is Lt. Gen. Antonio A. Agut Jr., commander of the U.S. Army First Army Command at Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois, military officials said.

The additional $400 million in security assistance includes for the first time funds to upgrade 45 tanks from the Czech Republic, which are due to arrive in Ukraine by the end of December, Singh said. The funds will also be used to contract for 1,100 Phoenix Ghost his drones and an additional 40 of his riverboats.

The latest announcement brings US military aid pledges to Ukraine to $18.9 billion since Russia invaded on February 24. The funds consist of a combination of immediate shipments from the stockpile and contracts for the weapons to be delivered the following week. 3 years.

Over the past few months, General Donahue, who led the American withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, helped oversee training in Ukraine, spoke with Ukrainian generals about their needs on the battlefield, and spoke about his special operations. I have used my background to advise my Ukrainian counterparts.

General Donahue and his staff have been deployed to Poland and Germany since the early days of the war. His staff recently returned to headquarters in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where they were greeted this week by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III. General Donahue will remain in Germany until his successor arrives, Pentagon officials said.

The new command, reported to General Christopher G. Cavoli, will carry out decisions made by the Ukrainian Defense Liaison Group, the top American officer in Europe and a coalition of 40 nations created by the Pentagon after the Russian invasion. increase. Address Ukrainian needs and demands. Senior military officials from member states met in Brussels this week.

The changes, intended to give formal structure to what has been improvised since the war’s inception, loosely model U.S. training and assistance efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past two decades.

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