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Canadians confused by minister’s tip to cut Disney+ to fight living costs

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Rising inflation is putting many Canadians under stress.

So when the federal finance minister said he was suspending families’ Disney+ subscriptions and urged others to do the same, Twitter users reacted with anger and confusion.

This weekend, Global News aired an interview with Chrystia Freeland about rising costs of living, interest rates and how Ottawa can help.

Anchor Mercedes Stevenson asked Freeland if the Liberal government would be open to reviewing its wasteful spending program.

In response, Freeland said the government had already announced it would find $9 billion in savings in the federal budget.

However, she added that she is aware that Canadian families are facing difficult times and is looking at their spending.

“Personally, as a mother and wife, I check my credit card bills carefully once a month. Let’s cut that Disney+ subscription,” she explained.

Freeland believes that mirroring these practices at the federal level would take the same approach that parents would take to cut costs.

“Because it’s Canadian money,” she said.

“We need to spend to help Canadians. We need to spend to invest in growth like we invest in the green transition.”

She added that federal finances will be carefully scrutinized and the chair of the Finance Committee will find savings of $6 billion.

A clip of Freeland’s response was shared on Twitter. @inklessPW.

“Christia Freeland has a tip for families struggling with inflation,” the tweet read.

Since it was posted late Saturday afternoon, it has received hundreds of comments and retweets from unimpressed people.

Some responded that they had done everything they could to reduce their small bills, but essential living expenses continued to be a burden.

Others encouraged the federal government to create a solution themselves.

Many other social media users say the comments show a connection to the problems Canadians are experiencing.

Last week, Freeland released its economic statement for the fall, saying it expected slower economic growth.

She also spoke about doubling Canadians’ GST tax credit for at least six months, announced on October 18, when Bill C-30 received royal assent. I reiterated that payment will begin on

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that Canadians can start paying on Friday, November 4th.

Small business owners also have some peace of mind.

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