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Governors’ Races to Watch in the Midterm Elections

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Voters will elect governors in 36 states on Tuesday. This includes a handful of elections that will determine the fate of voting access and abortion rights.

The highest stakes contests are held in the major presidential battleground states of Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In these elections, Republicans who question or deny the 2020 election results will face incumbent Democrats and Democrats who championed state voting procedures.

Competition is also fierce in Kansas and Nevada, with Democratic incumbents fighting for re-election in difficult political environments. In Oregon, Democratic candidate Tina Kotek is facing headwinds from Portland’s rampant homelessness, as well as her third centrist independent who is likely to steal votes from her. There are candidates.

In Maine, Michigan, and New Mexico, Democratic incumbents are likely to win, but there are few guarantees. Meanwhile, in Georgia, polls suggest Republican Governor Brian Kemp is likely to postpone a challenge from Democrat Stacey Abrams, whom he narrowly defeated in 2018.

Republicans want nationwide wave elections that will oust Democratic incumbents in Minnesota and New York, while Democrats hope a string of scandals can topple the Republican governor of Oklahoma.

Republican incumbents in Florida and the other large states of Texas look safe, but polls show that the Democrats have over the last eight years outnumbered governors held by longtime Democratic strongholds in Maryland and Massachusetts. We are ready to take back the office.

Here’s what to look out for in Governor’s most competitive races:

Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers is in a dead heat, according to polls with Republican construction tycoon Tim Michels. Evers calls himself the last man to keep Wisconsin’s democracy up against Republicans seeking to replace Wisconsin’s bipartisan board of elections with an institution under full Republican control. is drawing

Arizona Former Republican local TV anchor Kari Lake offers the purest example of Trumpism for this year’s gubernatorial nominee. She will face Katie Hobbs, the current Democratic Secretary of State, who gained national attention for defending Arizona’s electoral system after the 2020 election.

Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has built an image as Michigan’s protector of abortion rights. She confronts Tudor Dixon, a conservative media figure who is endorsed by Mr. Trump and funded by the billionaire DeVos family.

Nevada No state has swung along the national political wave like Nevada in recent years. Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak won his 2018 victory. Now he faces a tough challenge from Republican Sheriff Joseph He Lombardo in Clark County, including Las Vegas.

pennsylvania The state’s Democratic Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, has enough money to take a big lead over election-denial Christian nationalist Republican Doug Mastriano, who failed to raise enough money. Candidate.

Georgia Kemp defeated a major Trump-inspired challenger in May, leaving Abrams healthy in the polls after failing to win moderate Republican voters who moved other Georgia Democrats to recent victories. leading to

New York Kathy Hochul, who took office when Andrew Cuomo resigned last year, is vying to fend off a challenge from Long Island Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin.

Oregon Oregon has not had a Republican elected governor in 40 years, but the situation is changing as Republican former state legislator Christine Drazan is evenly voting with Democratic former state legislature speaker Kotek. may change. Democrats fear centrist independent Betsey Johnson will siphon votes from Mr. Kotek.

Kansas Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly is on the verge of winning a second term in bright red Kansas. She confronts the Republican state attorney general, Derek Schmidt.

new mexico Democratic Gov. Michelle Lejean Grisham is seeking a second term in opposition to the challenge of former local television meteorologist Mark Ronchetti, a Republican who lost in the 2020 Senate election.

Main Former Republican Governor Paul Lepage is calling for a political comeback in a challenge to Democratic Governor Janet Mills, who is seeking a second term.

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