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Karen Bass Becomes First Woman Elected as Los Angeles Mayor

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“This is a generalization, right? But women are more collaborative. Women are less transactional. And I think women focus on different issues,” she said. “I think women tend to lead differently.”

Bass was the frontrunner in most of the mayoral races, and polls showed her to be the most popular candidate in the crowded primary district. But things changed when Caruso, 63, joined the company late. Mr. Caruso was a wealthy Brentwood businessman who developed one of Southern California’s most famous shopping districts and served on a powerful board overseeing the Los Angeles Police Department and the University of Southern California.

The two candidates were running to replace Eric Garcetti, who was ineligible for re-election due to the city’s two-term limit. The race was the first mayoral election since the city decided to hold local elections at the same time as the statewide general election, following state legislation providing mail-in ballots for all registered and active voters. It was the first election. Two of his changes dramatically increased interest in municipal elections, and Mr. Caruso’s spending went beyond campaign advertising to boost turnout for phone banks, walkers in constituencies and other voters. We also set a record for our efforts to

Polls in the final week showed that the number of officially independent constituencies has shrunk significantly. But Bass won a number of prominent Democratic supporters, including endorsements from former President Barack Obama. She also criticized Caruso’s stance, which he said was related to the mayor’s limited powers. past contributions To conservative candidates who opposed abortion.

In a statement Wednesday, Caruso congratulated Bass on “Godspeed.” “There will be a lot more to come from the movement we built,” he said.

Bass has said he will seek to mend ties when he takes office in December. The city council is reeling from a series of scandals. Among them were leaked audio recordings in which a group of Latinx members were found making defamatory and racist remarks, some of which were directed at African Americans. had been

And as Los Angeles prepares for the 2028 Olympics, a painful recession is possible in the city with limited options for generating revenue.

Her new position has a powerful bullying pulpit, but it also comes with significant constraints. The Los Angeles government was designed to resist concentration of power. For example, county officials oversee many of the social service programs needed to address homelessness, and local initiatives require broad buy-in from many surrounding cities and other levels of government.

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