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AP Reporter Who Wrote on Russian Missile in Poland No Longer Works There

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When the Associated Press reported last week that Russia had struck a Polish village with a missile, fears that the event could escalate the war between Ukraine and Russia into an even bigger conflict quickly rose.

However, it soon became clear that Russia did not launch the missile. And he, one of the journalists behind this article, is no longer with the press.

Reporter James Laporta, who has worked for the AP since April 2020, had provided information from a single US source that Russia was responsible. AP used that information in his news alert.

The alleged significance of the event soon became apparent: it could escalate the war.

That information was quickly proven wrong. The NATO secretary general and Polish officials said the explosion was most likely caused by a Ukrainian air defense missile that had been fending off a Russian attack and had gone off course.

APs correction An article the next day said the erroneous report was “based on information from a senior US intelligence official who spoke on condition of anonymity.”

“Subsequent reports indicated that the missile was of Russian origin and was most likely launched by Ukraine to counter a Russian attack.”

In response to questions about LaPorta, Associated Press spokeswoman Lauren Easton said in a statement: We do not make these decisions lightly, nor are they based on isolated incidents. “

Laporta declined to comment for this article.

and Tweet On Tuesday, Laporta said: It means the world from the heart.

Laporta covered national security and the US military for AP. He previously worked as a reporter for Newsweek, Frontline He PBS, United Press He International and Daily He Beast. He is a Marine Corps veteran who served in the Afghanistan War. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was a military adviser on his NBC show “This Is Us.”

News of Laporta’s resignation from AP previously Daily Beast.

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