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US Confronts Iran on Protests, Ukraine and Nuclear Enrichment

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U.S. intelligence officials assessed the revival of the pact as unpopular among Iran’s conservatives and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which runs the military aspect of the nuclear program. I asked for a promise not to withdraw, but it ended in failure. And they knew that once the deal was back in place, Trump’s decision would force Iran to ship most of its stockpile of nuclear fuel out of the country.

Street protests followed, and an agreement with Russia effectively put Iran, along with Belarus, in a position to support the Russian aggression.

“The regime has made a series of inevitable choices that have made it increasingly cut off from both its own people and the international community, including European nations that have spent much of the Trump era seeking salvation for the nuclear deal. including,” said Robert Murray. , the State Department Special Envoy for Iran Negotiations said on Tuesday.

Murray was usually more optimistic about the possibility of a diplomatic solution, but his view has clearly changed. “Iran has turned its back on the nuclear deal it can grasp,” he said, adding that the government “failed to engage” when the International Atomic Energy Agency demanded more visits and data to locations where nuclear material was detected. ‘ added.Iran at the time Announcement of plans for new nuclear production After the agency issued a resolution condemning the lack of cooperation.

The result was “a series of vicious circles,” Murray said. “Crackdowns fuel more protests. Protests spark more crackdowns. An alliance with Russia will only further isolate Iran, and the lack of other partners encourages doubling down on this alliance.” I have.”

The biggest concern for many in Israel and the United States is the enrichment of nuclear fuel by 60% inside Fordow, a facility built in a mountain of military bases after repeated cyber and physical attacks on Natanz. It was Iran’s announcement to start. Nuclear enrichment site. During the 2013-2015 nuclear negotiations, the Obama administration tried to shut down his Fordow site. Chief negotiator and now Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said at the time that not being able to do so was one of her great disappointments.

The question is whether the new, more hawkish government that Benjamin Netanyahu is forming in Israel will press for attacks on installations that are difficult to destroy without the use of the largest bunker-destroying bombs. Both the US and Israel have been training to conduct strikes, and Netanyahu came close to ordering a strike during his last term as prime minister.

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