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Men who don’t blame post-breakup are better off than those who do: UBC study

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A UBC study found that men who take accountability after a breakup rather than blaming their partner tend to be wealthier than those who do.

Dr. John Olif, UBC Men’s Health Researcher and Chief Professor of Canadian Studies, said: Recent analysis“Men, Relationships, and Partner-Driven Breakups: Narrative Analysis”.

Dr. Oliffe said there are healthy ways for men to recover from a breakup. UBC News.

For his analysis, he took themes from interviews with 25 abandoned men to understand how they situate their experiences.

The stories told by these men fall into three categories:

  • 10 men ‘portrayed themselves as incompetent in relationships and their outcomes’
  • 10 men ‘painted themselves as active agents in relationship conflicts’
  • Five men ‘own their own feelings and actions without taking responsibility’

The smallest group “done the necessary self-work to understand and learn from the pain of a breakup,” said Dr. Orif, leading to greater self-awareness and improved mental health.

All three groups had similar painful experiences, but these five groups were different because they avoided blaming their ex-partners.

“Instead, they took responsibility for their actions and their feelings,” Dr. Olif said. I’m ready.

Rather than becoming a victim of circumstances or feeling unprepared for relationships, we encourage you to use coordinated interventions such as narrative therapy to move toward accountability and growth. . Improving Current (and Past) Relationships”

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