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As Gen X and Boomers Age, They Confront Living Alone

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For many adults living alone, the pandemic has highlighted the challenges of aging.

Selman, a 55-year-old professor, was living in Terre Haute, Indiana when Covid-19 broke out. Divorced for 17 years, she used her enforced isolation to establish a new routine to avoid loneliness and depression: she quit drinking and called her group of female friends regularly. I started playing.

This year she got a new job and moved to Normal, Illinois. One of her reasons for that is that she wanted to live in a state that was more reflective of her progressive politics. She said she met her new friend at her farmer’s market. Happier than before the pandemic. Sometimes I wish I had a romantic partner to ride my bike or help me carry laundry, but I’m happier than I was before the pandemic. Stairs of her 3 her bedroom home.

She regularly drives 12 hours round trip to take care of her parents near Detroit. Her obligations persuaded her to abandon her post-retirement dreams of living near the beach and she would someday live near her daughter and her grandchildren in Louisville, Kentucky. I moved.

“I don’t want my daughter to be stressed about me,” she said.

Many Generation X members born between 1965 and 1980 seem to have been heavily influenced by observing the ages of their parents. The price has increased.

When his mother died two years ago, videographer Miles sought solace by moving her furniture into his home in New Haven, Connecticut.

“It was psychologically coming home,” he says, shifting from the music business to high school teaching to filmmaking for nonprofits and corporations, crossing decades of borders. After the move and the itinerant career search, I could feel him rooting.

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