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A Previvor’s Tale – The New York Times

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I remember screaming a few days later on my way to my first mammogram. My life story was now outlined for me—the only problem was that it was a horror movie. At the same time, I read a book that said suffering from infertility was as stressful for women as receiving a cancer diagnosis. I also remember that I’m infertile) and yet I was dealing with both.

Month after month I tried unsuccessfully to conceive, but at the same time I was on an ad hoc program of high-risk cancer surveillance with doctors on both coasts (the TV show required me to go back and forth. was). Constantly traveling across the country for a high-pressure job, getting frequent breast MRIs, and researching prophylactic mastectomy and hormone replacement therapy for menopause after impending surgery can be unnerving and excessive. It turns out that it doesn’t create ideal conditions for ingesting caffeine.35- Her uterus slips into a luscious state in which it gently accepts a fertilized egg. I was in a race against time, fifty guns to my head, trying to undo the Gordian knot of ovulation schedules and biopsy results. I had results. Amid all this, I wrote the pilot where Emily Dickinson finds herself in a creepy carriage.

Then in 2017, right around the time we sold Dickinson’s show, my husband and I underwent IVF. Two healthy embryos were implanted into my womb during the Great American Eclipse.Watching the moon’s shadow obscure the sun on the anesthesiologist’s iPhone, buttGod, this is a good job.It’s scripted like this. And I think the great network executives in the skies were convinced that I was pregnant with twins. My little sun and moon. The organs ripped out of my body as soon as these babies were born did their job.

Thus began five eventful and story-rich five years, and I crossed the following items off my to-do list: carry twins. Give birth to twins (36 hours of labor followed by an unscheduled caesarean section). At least eight times, he takes two babies, then toddlers, and moves them to a myriad of apartments and childcare facilities. The ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and cervix are removed, followed by immediate menopause. As a grand finale, she undergoes a double prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction while releasing the final season of “Dickinson.” Oh, and survive the pandemic. (Did I mention twins?)

On December 10, 2021 (Dickinson’s birthday – a scheduling coincidence that felt “off-putting” from the writer’s point of view), as I lay in bed outside the operating room, While scrolling through fan reactions As I waited for the nurse to bring me in to remove my genetically flawed but still perfectly good-looking breasts, one of the real Emily lines popped into my head. My life, the story I had been told upfront and then lived through every excruciating moment, was coming to an end. It’s all over. I went from maiden to mother to clone in 7 years. The full arc of a woman’s life was behind me. I’m 41 and the credits were rolling.

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