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Covid Care Has Entered a New Stage of Crisis for the Uninsured

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When the government’s supply of treatment runs out, providers will have to purchase it on their own, with insurance companies covering the costs of Americans, as they do with any other treatment. Those who do not receive compensation will most likely pay for their medication out of their own pocket. The same is true for testing for the novel coronavirus.

And as the price of coronavirus vaccine is expected to rise in the commercial market, it may ultimately make it more difficult for uninsured people to get the vaccine. The federal government has purchased a large supply of renewed booster doses, but we expect to need another round of shots next year.

The Biden administration has proposed a new program called Adult Vaccines, modeled after a federal program that provides free vaccines to children. If funded by Congress, the program would provide coronavirus immunizations and other vaccines and reimburse providers for administrative costs.

The government has also held discussions with vaccine and treatment manufacturers about funding its own programs for the uninsured, said Dawn O’Connell, assistant secretary for preparedness and response at the Department of Health and Human Services. rice field. event Hosted by the Kaiser Family Foundation this fall.

“We’re trying to pull several levers at once,” she said.

In 15 states, temporary federal regulations allow Medicaid funds to be used to cover vaccine-related costs, treatment, and testing for the uninsured. expires when it lifts the declaration of a public health emergency for the pandemic. This could happen as early as next year.

The Biden administration is also experimenting with small programs that could provide a template for future distribution methods. In September, weeks after Eli Lilly’s monoclonal antibody treatment entered the commercial market, the government announced: Make 60,000 doses available to health care providers.Whenever a healthcare provider used an over-the-counter dose for an uninsured patient, the federal government offered to replace it.(Food and Drug Administration) said last week The drug, which is not expected to be effective against the novel coronavirus variant, is no longer approved for emergency use.)

Even before the Federal Uninsured Fund expired the coming trouble, there were warning signs. provided reassurance to uninsured patients who were scheduled for

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