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Raphael Warnock Makes Victory Speech After Georgia Election Runoff Win

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ATLANTA — Senator Rafael Warnock roused the civil rights movement late Tuesday night, whether Georgians voted for him or not, as he basked in the cheers of “six more years” and the glory of a hard-fought re-election victory. rice field. Stand above “those who are trying to divide our country”.

In a contest that matched Warnock’s call for racial inequality with Herschel Walker’s view that racism doesn’t exist, the Democratic senator’s victory speech was, even if he held out his promise, It was inexcusable in recalling past mistakes in the Deep South. of reconciliation.

“I’m Georgia,” said the senator. “I am an exemplar and a repeat of its history, its dangers and promises, its brutality and its potential. Here we unite because there will always be.”

He spoke to people pointing to the results of the race as proof that there was no voter suppression in Georgia. He said that did not mean that voter suppression did not exist.

“It simply means that the public has decided not to silence your voice,” he said.

As if standing at the pulpit on Sundays at his church in Atlanta, responding to impromptu comments from the audience around him, his remarks often mixed the personal with the political. .

“I want to thank my mother for being here tonight,” he told the crowd. “You’ll see her soon. But she grew up picking other people’s cotton and tobacco in her 1950s in Waycross, Georgia. But tonight, she sent her youngest son to the U.S. Senate. I helped you choose.”

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