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Feds urge Canadians targeted by Chinese police to report to RCMP

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The federal government has warned anyone in Canada it believes may have been targeted by foreign intervention after human rights groups said they had identified two additional activities of Chinese police departments in Canada. I urge you to go to

Madrid-based Safeguard Defenders says it has discovered five secret Chinese police stations operating in Canada. Three in Toronto, one in Vancouver and a fifth in an undisclosed location.

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Audrey Shampoo, a spokeswoman for the Minister of Public Security’s Office, said the federal government is paying close attention to how China interferes in Canada’s affairs.

“We are aware of incidents in which foreign actors have monitored, intimidated or attempted to intimidate Canadians and people living in Canada, including recent reports from so-called ‘police’ departments,” she said.

She confirmed that the RCMP is investigating. The investigation was launched after Safeguard Defenders revealed her first overseas police station in September.

“We will continue to protect Canadians and work closely with allies and partners to address illegal and unacceptable behavior by authoritarian states like China,” Shampoo said.

It is important that victims of suspected foreign intervention contact Canadian authorities, she added. She urged anyone who has been targeted to contact their local police or RCMP for help.

“It takes tremendous courage for people to speak openly about these experiences.”

according to report From Safeguard Defenders, China uses these overseas police outposts to monitor citizens living abroad. When Chinese nationals are suspected of crimes, broadcasters use harsh tactics such as denying their children the right to receive an education in China and imposing restrictions on returning families to force them to return home. It is said that he was persuaded to do so.

According to Safeguard Defenders, these police departments have repatriated more than 200,000 Chinese using these methods.

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