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University of California Academic Workers Partly End Strike

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SACRAMENTO — Postdoctoral students and academic researchers at the University of California announced Friday night that they will return to work on Monday. This partially ended the weeks-long strike, but brought little relief to the hundreds of thousands of undergraduates whose campuses were in chaos during the finals.

The surprise results, announced Friday of a ratification vote by some 12,000 senior strike workers, are a provisional move to raise salaries and ensure additional benefits, including eight weeks of fully paid family leave for researchers. solidified a consensus.

But about 36,000 workers are still on strike, with two of the four bargaining units involved in the strike and the deal announced last week. Graduate students who teach classes and help assign undergraduate grades continue to have work stoppages, campuses still evaluating final grades and figuring out ways to change terms and ends of semesters. .

Earlier Friday, negotiators at universities and these negotiating units announced a strike that has canceled classes, closed labs and upended operations in the prestigious public university system since Nov. 14. In order to end it, it announced that it would move to private mediation.

The 10-campus University of California system has nearly 300,000 students and serves as the state’s primary research institution vital to some of America’s most innovative fields. 5 year contract arrived last week of The two negotiating units will raise salaries for most postdocs by about 20% by next fall, and raise salaries and benefits for academic researchers.

About 90% of postdoctoral fellows and about 80% of academic researchers formally ratified the agreement, as the remaining two large bargaining units agreed to the university’s request for private mediation, returning to work as remaining members of the strike. voted for Workers worked to resolve the deadlock over wages.

Postdoctoral students and academic researchers said last week that UC would go on strike because it did not have contracts with the remaining employees left without contracts. But by ratifying the contract on Friday, workers were obliged to return to work on Monday.

The striking workers all said their compensation was far below what they would need to make ends meet in California, especially given inflationary pressures and persistent housing shortages. It accuses the request of being financially unacceptable.

Jade Moore, a postdoctoral student in radiation oncology at the University of California, San Francisco, and member of the negotiation team, applauds the new contract for postdoctoral workers and says it will set a new standard for postdoctoral students nationwide. Stated.

“Tens of thousands of UC academics have worked hard to create a stronger and more equitable UC,” she said in a statement Friday night.

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