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Can the new AI tool ChatGPT replace human work? Judge for yourself

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There is a new artificial intelligence tool in town that is gaining mainstream attention.

Chat GPT is a program that allows users to enter questions and tasks, and the software comes up with responses designed to mimic humans. It was trained using billions of text examples from across the internet.

“One of the key features that sets it apart is its ability to understand and generate natural language, which means it can provide responses that sound natural and conversational, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of applications. It’s happening.”

Or say so about the chatbot itself — ChatGPT wrote the paragraph above.

It’s not clear how much the processing tools actually “understand” the language. But it’s getting attention.

Osh Momoh, Chief Technical Advisor at MaRS, an innovation hub in Toronto, said:

San Francisco-based OpenAI released a new artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT on November 30 that lets users ask questions and assign tasks. (CBC)

The tool was created by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based research and development company co-founded by Elon Musk.

ChatGPT has captured the public imagination because it is so easy to use. Launched to the world just 11 days ago, he already has over a million users, faster than Facebook, which took him 10 months to hit the same milestone.

However, there are challenges that even the company behind it admits, and it tends to generate “nonsense” along the way.

ask me anything

Prompts given to the bot can range from silly, such as asking you to write a movie script about elephants riding roller coasters, to complex, such as asking you to describe the history of the Middle can write song, law school essayand even computer code.

Isn’t this iambic pentameter? A poem written by the AI ​​tool ChatGPT in response to a prompt to “write a poem about winter in the style of Shakespeare.” (Nisha Patel/CBC)

Momoh says the bot is better than any to date at generating text responses to real human questions. He suggests that ChatGPT can be used as a productivity-enhancing tool, especially in areas such as customer service, advertising and media.

“I think in a year or two it will impact basically everything that has to do with text generation,” he said.

Concerns may arise that artificial intelligence will put people out of work, but Melanie Mitchell, a computer scientist at the Santa Fe Institute, believes that jobs will shift when workers no longer have to complete repetitive tasks. I’m assuming it will.

“Technology is job-killing, so it tends to create jobs in unexpected areas,” she said.

“Incorrect or nonsensical answer”

AI tools are in their early stages and users are beginning to realize their limitations.

ChatGPT has no way of determining if the response it is generating is true or false. According to Mitchell, this is a big problem, and for now, using bots for work would require careful fact-checking by humans.

“I did a search on my name and it said a lot of true things about me, but it said that I passed away on November 28, 2022, which is a little disturbing to read.”

Accepted by OpenAI Tools tend to respond with “plausible-sounding but inaccurate or nonsensical answers”, an issue considered difficult to fix.

It is an ad jingle written by AI tool ChatGPT. (Nisha Patel/CBC)

Publishing ChatGPT may help OpenAI find and fix flaws. Although the bots are programmed to avoid inappropriate tasks such as asking for advice on illegal activities or making biased or offensive demands, some users still find ways to circumvent the guardrails. I am finding

Because AI technology is trained in existing languages, it can also perpetuate social biases such as race, gender, and culture.

“So what impact might these responses have? Perhaps not me or you, but a small child or an impressive group of people trying to shape their worldview on some of these difficult topics. Influence people again.Darwin AI is working on using AI in manufacturing.

Some experts in the field, such as Fernandez, describe ChatGPT’s debut as a “key” moment. And as the bot gains more public attention, it ignites a debate about when and how it should be used and who should regulate it.

“We need to think about it seriously….One of the challenges with this is that technology moves much faster than legislative bodies can normally do,” Fernandez said.

If you ask ChatGPT itself if the world is ready, you’ll get an answer like this:

“It is important that society considers these issues carefully and develops a responsible approach to the use of AI technology.”

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