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New mom with stage 4 cancer raising money for treatment outside Canada

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A woman in Vancouver is trying to stay hopeful after receiving heartbreaking news just two weeks ago that she thought was dizziness from iron deficiency.

Amy Cox’s initial blood tests revealed some concerns, and more tests followed in just a few days. He says he told her it wasn’t the result.

A 37-year-old woman was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Her cancer had spread to her liver, and tests revealed she was also positive for a rare protein called the BRAF-V600E mutation, which affects her response to chemotherapy.

So Cox says there are only two options, “fight or give up,” and she’s adamant that she’s fighting.

Her 11-month-old baby girl Reese and partner Elliott are among the biggest reasons to continue.

Cox plans to start chemotherapy in Vancouver, but doctors have already told her family to prepare for what lies ahead.

To fund these exams, Cox’s sister has an online fundraiserHowever, the family did not expect such a strong response.

Her partner, Elliott Kibby, says that every time she donates to an online fundraiser, it feels like her family is spending more time together.

“That’s all I really want. That’s all I’m fighting for,” he says. “For every day Amy spends with her daughter. Every day her daughter spends with her mother.”

Cox says there are no words to describe how important it is for her daughter to know herself.

“Children remember nothing [before] Four years old may be the earliest memory you have as an adult. And she is 11 months old. For example, if this doesn’t work, it looks like you don’t have memory,” Cox says.

“I really appreciate everyone,” she said, adding that people battling cancer are reaching out to offer their support.

Cox, a regular in the East Vancouver hair styling community, says the pandemic has already set her back financially. It’s been an incredibly stressful time right now, with this battle with cancer, but she’s trying to look ahead to her future.

“What I am learning is that there are only so many tools and tests available for this genetic mutation. We opened six months ago in 2019…I put everything I had into the business,” she says.

“I still have so much more I want to do. , making me feel beautiful slowed me down a lot,” she added.

Despite everything, Cox is a fighter and hopes his story will inspire others to advocate for their health.

“There was nothing surprising,” she said, and was otherwise healthy with no family history of colon cancer.

According to BC Cancer, BC generally requires asymptomatic people between the ages of 50 and 74 to be screened for colon cancer.

For more information about colon cancer, Head over to the website.

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