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Violence Grows in Peru After President Pedro Castillo Is Ousted

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Jaime Borda, who heads Red Muki, a network of environmental and human rights groups working in rural Peru, said the outrage in the streets was not just about the dissatisfaction with Castillo’s dismissal, but a larger “discontent with all the people.” ” comes from. That is, a political system that to many seemed to foster corruption and serve the elite.

Many protesters believed Mr Castillo had been driven to political self-destruction by the same elite political class, he said.

Castillo’s supporters “are fully aware that an attempted coup was ultimately not the way to go,” he said. “But people are also saying that we elected him president, elected him president.”

Künark, the Association of Rural Guard Patrols, is one of the groups leading the protests.

Kunark president Santos Saavedra said Mr Boruarte’s call for dialogue “would be impossible because the public is unaware of the de facto government.”

Victoriano Laura, 48, a miner in the high Andean city of La Rinconada, said on Tuesday that many people had moved to the city of Juliaca, about 100 miles from La Rinconada, to protest. rice field.

“People are outraged” about the president’s dismissal, he said. “The violence has been initiated by police provocations and people cannot remain silent.”

So far, no single leader has emerged to unite the disparate groups. Peru has been plagued by political upheaval and high-level corruption scandals that have led to six presidents since 2016.

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