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We went to a licensed 7-Eleven for a boozy sip and here’s how it went

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After 7-Eleven Canada launched its first licensed restaurant-style outpost in Edmonton late last year, I was interested in checking out some of the new restaurants in the province.

Last month, 7-Eleven expanded the concept and launched seven new stores in Alberta.

So what exactly does “licensed restaurant format” mean?

Adult customers order beer and wine at 7-Eleven!

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The 7-Eleven we stopped at had a huge inventory of local and domestic beers, from Tall Boys to White Claws and even bottles of wine. Seeing it right next to our usual bottle of pop in the aisle, we weren’t going to lie and did a double take!

Seven-Eleven Alberta

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The seats were decorated for the holiday season, and we certainly saw people having a drink or two before the game at our New Year’s Eve home party.

It’s also a good place to grab a quick bite when you’re feeling peckish or tired of eating in the car when you’re on a road trip and don’t have time. We get it, life is packed sometimes.

Seven-Eleven Alberta

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The Daily Hive was also told that it has plans to expand further in Canada. A 7-Eleven store near you may soon open a liquor section, so don’t miss it!

All 7-Eleven staff responsible for handling alcohol are trained by ProServ.

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