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Rent relief; Airbnb Nightmares: CBC’s Marketplace cheat sheet

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Ottawa now offers one-time $500 payments to low-income renters

The federal government is offering a one-time $500 payment to low-income renters to help reduce housing costs. Applications can be submitted through your Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) account or My Service Canada account. (Adrian Wilde/Canadian Press)

With rising rents straining the budgets of many tenants, some low-income renters can apply for a little relief.

The federal government is offering a one-time $500 payment to help reduce housing costs.

To be eligible, renters must be Canadian tax residents and be at least 15 years of age on December 1st. In 2021, personal income had to be less than her $20,000 or family income less than her $35,000. Applicant must have filed her 2021 income tax return and the amount of rent paid in 2022 must be at least 30% of her 2021 income.

If you have roommates, pay for meals, or pay rent to relatives, there are some additional rules.

To apply, visit your Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) account or My Service Canada account.

The federal government touted the payments as “immediate relief” for low-income Canadians, but anti-poverty advocates told CBC News the relief would be short-term.

Dania Majid, staff attorney for the Tenant Advocacy Center (ACTO) in Ontario, noted that demand for food banks is rising as Canadians struggle to pay their bills. It’s a small drop in sales,” he said.

“I may be saved for a month, but what will my family do next month?” read more

Average Canadian home price falls again, dropping to $632,802 in November

A for sale sign in front of a home on the eastern edge of Toronto on November 15, 2022. According to the latest figures from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), average sales prices have fallen more than 20% since his February, with nearly all homes seeing a decline. national market. (According to Realosophy, the house was relisted last month for $1.849 million, and on Oct. 24 he sold for $1.65 million. (Showway Chu/CBC)

This is according to new figures from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Home sales fell similarly, down nearly 40%.

The cold weather in November usually puts buyers on the sidelines, but this year the market was particularly cold.

The average selling price of homes listed on CREA’s multiple listing service was $632,802. This is 12% lower than he was a year ago and down 22% from his peak in February this year.

That was before the Bank of Canada launched an aggressive rate hike campaign. This made borrowing costs much higher and blew the wind out of the market’s sails. read more

This story will make you think twice before renting a house on Airbnb

Cigarette butts, damaged furniture, clumps of hair and blood everywhere – this is what Samantha Morahan found when the couple left their basement suite last weekend. (Courtesy of Samantha Morahan)

Cigarette butts, damaged furniture, strewn hair and blood clots were just a few of the surprises that awaited Samantha Morahan when she checked out the Calgary basement suite she rented to the couple on Airbnb. .

When guests arrived, Morahan says he could quickly tell something was wrong, but relied on the fact that their Airbnb accounts were verified, even though the accounts were new and had no existing reviews. was

Molohan said he messaged guests about the smell of cigarette smoke coming from the unit before finally meeting them in person. The guest denied smoking and Morohan contacted Airbnb. Her rental platform told her to ask them to leave, let them stay, or call the police.

As the evening wore on, Morohan heard the couple quarreling and becoming increasingly aggressive. Morrohan decides to call the police.

But before authorities could arrive, the female customer went upstairs and began accusing Morrohan of having an affair with her partner.

Police eventually arrived and persuaded the couple to leave.

Morahan and her husband have deleted their Airbnb accounts, but she says they will honor existing reservations for anyone they vetted and had conversations with.

“But other than that, we’ve stopped instant bookings. We’ve stopped everything.

Airbnb responded that it is taking steps to prepare for situations like this. For example, a 24/7 safety line accessible to all hosts during active bookings, or a team staffed with trained personnel to escalate dangerous situations.

There’s also the AirCover program, which offers $3 million in property damage protection, he says. read more

happy holiday!

The Christmas market at night is bright with star-shaped illuminations.
Germany’s bustling Christmas markets are lit up with bright festive lights. (Thomas Kientzl/AFP/Getty Images)

Newsletter and new research will be announced in January.

In the meantime, we hope you and your loved ones have a safe and happy holiday season.

See you in 2023!

what else is going on?

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And there are no signs of it slowing down.

Stellantis is recalling 1.25 million Ram pickup trucks.
The tailgate may not close completely and your luggage may spill onto the road.

This kid’s doctor is 2,800 km away
For ten years, the family moved from Nunavut’s River Clyde to Ottawa as their medical needs became more complex.

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