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Jan. 6 Committee Releases Final Report on Effort to Overturn 2020 Election

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The bulk of the report consists of eight chapters aimed at telling the story of Trump’s efforts to stay in power.

The first chapter, “The Big Lie,” tells how Trump gets involved in a premeditated plot that began on election night, falsely claiming he won and claiming unpaid votes were rigged. I explained in detail how I did it. After being repeatedly informed by his aides that he was wrong and lost, Attorney General William P. said never.

“Donald Trump has never been a passive consumer of these lies,” the report says. “He actively spread them. President Trump has been informed many times that his election fraud claims are untrue. He chose to spread them anyway. He did so even after being brutally tested and dismissed in dozens of lawsuits.”

In Chapter 2, an article titled “I just want to find 11,780 votes,” how Trump helped Georgia get the votes needed to put Biden-winning Georgia in his column. It is said that he tried to pressure state officials. Additionally, it explores the largely unsuccessful pressure campaign that Trump lost to finding ways to pressure various officials in other battleground states to reverse the outcome.

At one point, the White House telephone exchange left a message for the chairman of the Maricopa County Oversight Board to call Trump, who had asked to investigate a voting machine there, the report said. there is (The chair decided not to return calls from the President of the United States.)

Subsequent chapters discuss the origins of so-called fake electoral vote schemes. In this scheme, Trump and his allies sought to promote alternate electoral votes from states he lost to block or delay Biden’s proof of victory. Trump’s campaign to put pressure on Vice President Mike Pence and use his role as Senate Speaker to oversee the congressional certification process to bring a bogus election plan to fruition.

Trump, in effect, relied heavily on Eastman to provide legal legitimacy for Pence to unilaterally decide whether to accept the election results, but the report suggests he may It shows that he helped to make the same claim to his aides. It appears that either Trump or Meadows has “ordered John McEntee, director of the Presidential Personnel Service, to investigate the matter further.” I didn’t have any relevant experience.”

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