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Jan. 6 Transcripts Shed New Light on How Trump Considered Blanket Pardons

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In its report, the committee repeatedly referred to requests for amnesty, but singled out those from lawmakers who attended the December 21, 2020 White House meeting where plans to overturn the election were discussed, stating that “they themselves The guilt is clear.”

In his testimony, McEntee recalled Florida Rep. Matt Gates saying he sought the pardon through Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows. McEntee told the commission he believed Gates was concerned about federal sex trafficking investigations. Gates has denied any wrongdoing in the matter.

Hutchinson said both Gates and Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama issued a “comprehensive pardon for the members involved in that meeting and the few other members who were not present at the Dec. 21 meeting.” demanded,” he told the panel. empty pardon.

She also said Meadows had asked for a broad pardon.

“Mr. Meadows was personally concerned that there were hints of violence in everyone who went to the Capitol that day, so he asked a White House lawyer to pardon those who were inside the Capitol. I thought it was an idea worth bringing into the office and entertaining,” she said.

She added: I don’t remember him lobbying the president so hard, but I do know that he was hoping to be included in that group if there was a staff pardon.

A spokesperson for Meadows denied that he ever asked Trump for a pardon.

Texas Rep. Louis Gomert, Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry, and Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs all expressed interest in being pardoned, according to Hutchinson’s testimony. She also testified that Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio “discussed” a pardon but didn’t directly ask for it, and newly elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green of Georgia is also a White House attorney. He testified that he had heard that he was interested in the firm.

The lawmakers involved, with the exception of Gates and Brooks, have denied seeking a pardon. Brooks admitted to seeking pardons for all members of Congress, but said it was because he believed the Justice Department would be “abused” by the Biden administration. Brooks released a letter he sent to the White House, in which he said he made the request in writing at the direction of Trump.

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