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Half of Canadian workers will job hunt in 2023 for better pay and perks, according to poll

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Half of Canadian workers plan to look for a new job in 2023, nearly double from just a year ago, according to a new poll by recruitment agency Robert Half.

A survey conducted in the fall found that 50% of respondents plan to look for a new job within the next six months.

That number has risen steadily over the past year and a half, from around 21% of employees looking for a new job in June 2021 to 28% a year ago and 31% six months ago. I’m here.

Workers most likely to switch jobs include employees who have been with the company for two to four years, Gen Z and millennials, tech workers, and working parents, according to a recent poll. understood.

Key reasons for seeking a new job include higher salaries, better benefits, more opportunities for advancement, and more flexibility in choosing when and where to work.

The survey also found that nearly 3 in 10 professionals would consider leaving their jobs to pursue a full-time career.

Prioritizing Employee Health as “Important”

David King, senior managing director of Canada and South America at Robert Half, said many Canadian workers remained confident in the job market despite news of layoffs and a slowdown in hiring. said.

“Professionals with in-demand skills know they can excel given the talent shortage and are open to new opportunities that offer better jobs, higher salaries and better benefits.” he said in a statement.

Employers looking to attract top talent this year will need to improve and streamline their hiring processes and demonstrate company culture, said Robert Half.

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When applying for a position, key turn-offs for potential candidates include unclear or unreasonable job responsibilities, poor communication with the hiring manager, and inconsistency with the company’s culture and values.

“While the future is uncertain as the labor market continues to evolve, prioritizing employee well-being, engagement and recognition will always be critical to attracting and retaining valuable talent,” said King. said.

The independent online survey was conducted from October 17 to November 7 and included more than 1,100 workers from multiple sectors, including finance, technology, marketing and human resources, said Robert Half.

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The Canadian Research Insights Council, a body that specializes in the polling industry, says that online surveys do not sample populations at random, so error bars cannot be assigned.

Statistics Canada’s latest employment data for December 2022 is due out on Friday.

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