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Bell replaces pledge of 5 cents per text on Let’s Talk Day with lump-sum $10M donation

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Bell Canada reviewed philanthropic efforts that support mental health, replacing a program that donated 5 cents every time a Canadian used the phrase “Bell Lets Talk” with a $10 million lump sum donation.

Since its inception in 2010, the Bell Let’s Talk initiative has seen the telecommunications giant donate 5 cents every time a Canadian uses the BellLetsTalk hashtag on social media or in a text.

Over the past 13 years, Bell says it has raised more than $129 million for more than 1,400 mental health organizations across Canada, helping more than 5 million Canadians in the process.

Last year, the phrase was used over 165 million times online on Let’s Talk Day, raising over $8.2 million.

But this year, the company changed its campaign, replacing the donation promise based on the use of the phrase with a promise to donate $10 million instead.

In a press release, Bell noted that the company has donated $10 million more in a year since the initiative began, and that the program change will allow “a greater focus on the day and a better way for all of us. It will shift to practical actions that people can take,” he added. A year of change. ”

“We will focus on community organizations that are driving this change and moving mental health support forward,” said CEO Mirko Bivic.

The campaign was initially a marketing triumph for Bell, but in recent years the popularity of hashtags has brought the company to unnecessary scrutiny.

In 2021, the company laid off staff at radio stations across Canada within weeks of Let’s Talk Day.

And last year, the company faced public image issues after many employees in the company’s media department complained about its work culture.

Former CP24 weather specialist Patricia Juggernaut has filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission, alleging systemic discrimination.

Former host of entertainment news show eTalk, Daniel Graham, is suing his company for wrongful termination. After being let go without notice after a 15-year career.

And last fall, the ouster of CTV National News chief anchor Lisa Laflam was hit by a storm of controversy, prompting an investigation into workplace culture at the Bell-owned station, and the head of CTV News, Michael Melling. will be reappointed.

Daniel Tsai, a professor of law, technology and culture at the University of Toronto and Toronto Metropolitan University, said the move was clearly an attempt to regain the initiative from some of the criticisms of the campaign in recent years.

“It’s been heavily criticized, but it also draws attention to really important medical issues.” That’s why we switch to one-time donations to avoid

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