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It’s not delivery, it’s discontinued: Nestlé to stop selling Delissio pizza in Canada

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Nestlé Canada says it will scale back its frozen food and pizza operations in Canada over the next six months.

The four brands that will no longer be sold in the freezer aisles of Canadian grocery stores are Delissio, Stouffer’s, Lean Cuisine and Life Cuisine.

The company said it is focusing on categories that support long-term business growth, including confectionery, coffee, ice cream, premium water and pet food.

Nestlé Canada President and CEO John Carmichael said the decision will allow Nestlé to invest more in its priority categories.

The company does not manufacture these products in Canada, so Canadian manufacturing facilities are not affected.

Nestlé says it will work with its retail partners to facilitate the withdrawal of these products from stores.

Stouffer’s frozen foods are one of several brands that will no longer be sold in Canada as Nestlé focuses on other foods. (Joe O’Connall/Canadian Press)

Manufacturer’s “refocus”

Lenore Newman, director of the Institute for Food and Agriculture at the University of British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, said Nestlé’s move prompted manufacturers to exit Canada and other markets amid rising shipping costs and expanding supply lines. said to be part of a larger trend.

“[The frozen products] There seems to be a refocus on products that are made in America, shipped north, and actually made here. Told.

She points to recent lettuce shortages in Canada after drought and outbreaks of lettuce crop disease hit California’s major growers, resulting in lower exports and higher prices.

Neumann warned Canada could see more product disruption and fewer imports of specialty goods amid continued supply chain uncertainty.

“What we really have to focus on is building domestic supply lines to replace lost products, otherwise grocery stores can get boring after a while.”

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