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Mel Brooks Returns and So Do Most of the Classic Laughs

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It has been over 40 years since Moses dropped the three tablets of the 15 Commandments. History of the World, Part I, Mel Brooks is back for the long-awaited follow-up to his influential 1981 film. History of the World, Part II, Airing on Hulu March 6-9, it arrives in “woke” America. But for Brooks, It’s a fair game for everyone. Sorting. After more than six years of heightened political and social unrest, dwindling civil rights, and extreme division in America, many people seem to be walking around with eggshells.Please refer to comedy of Chris Rock: Chosen Anger Or Sebastian Maniscalco’s me? just for reference.

Entertainers, especially cartoonists, have bore the brunt of these changes.The clever jokes and parodies that Brooks mastered first appeared 40 years ago. history Dropped. Today… maybe not so much.And you can feel some of that tension while watching History of the World, Part II.

Creatively speaking, “history” does not always repeat itself. History of the World, Part IIYou won’t get the consistent ‘high’ you felt when you experienced your first outing.Still, for die-hard Mel Brooks fans—those who understand the genius behind it— Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety, Silent Films, and even Spaceball—New outings are downright fun, often fresh, and sometimes laugh out loud. Each episode contains different sketches that take the viewer to different periods in human history. Despite the occasional stumble (you may or may not like Galileo as a “TicciTocci” (ahem, TikTok) influencer), this is still a ride worth taking. So what stands out this time?

let’s sketch

Brooks, now 96, is unsurprisingly a comedy legend. History of the World, Part II, with Nick Kroll (personnel, league), Wanda Sykes (upshoes, velma, dark), Ike Balinholtz (Suicide Squad, Mindy Project), and David Stassen (Mindy Project, Central Intelligence).The artistic style of Kroll, Sykes, and Stassen is scattered throughout. historical 8 episodes. In addition to Kroll and Stassen, it has an inventive writing team and director that includes Alice Matthias and Lance Bangs. Brooks himself is the most experienced and physically absent rather than overjoyed here, aside from the voice-over and a few humorous cameos. history version.

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There are plenty of meta jokes, lots of sketches, and countless guest appearances. Seth Rogen dials it in Noah’s playing. Arc bits don’t land perfectly. Jay Ellis is an admirable, if not dreamy Jesus Christ, and brings Kroll as Judas in humorous sketches spanning the course of eight episodes. Beetz is a groovy Mary Magdalene, especially when she spins on the Jesus and gangster themes the writers have already established over the course of several episodes. Barinholtz, on the other hand, who is usually charming and always fun to watch, plays the drunken Ulysses S. Grant here.

Those looking to follow a linear timeline may need to lower their expectations. History of the World, Part II, Like its predecessor, it bounces the period. But it’s all good. Keeping things fluid has worked well for Brooks so far. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Still, some sketches stand out more than others.

World History’s Best Bet, Part II


Naturally, given that they are producers, History of the World, Part II Featuring Nick Kroll and Wanda Sykes — Kroll stepped in for Brooks throughout and gags much of Mel Brooks’ “hard work.” But almost every sketch Sykes appears in is a delight, featuring her in grounded performances that land well.This is most noticeable in the sketch “sitcom” Shirley, Here, Sykes transforms into Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman to contest the Democratic presidential nomination in 1972. Clues: canned laughter and deliberate winks to “educate” the audience on Chisholm’s bold decisions some 50 years ago. Good balance of humor and grace from other sketches. Elsewhere, Sykes also plays Harriet Tubman brilliantly.

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Other notable turns here include Dove Cameron (Schmigadoon!, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as Princess Anastasia. Imagine if Nicholas, her second youngest daughter, was sweeping Russia through her social media and always upholding “war and peace.” I wish we could have seen more of Jake Johnson’s Marco Polo, but otherwise what we have to offer about the fiery actor is enough. Kroll, Pamela Adlon (something better), and riverdales A ripped abs Charles Melton reappears in a perfect ongoing sketch to experience yourself. What fun. They provide classic laughs and Adlon is a joy throughout.

Shorter, non-serialized sketches sprinkled throughout History of the World, Part II, of course. Some will be delighted — we are talking about you. hitler on iceOverall, classic laughter is everywhere. Part III, Who? If you want a real history lesson, kank on earth, Philomena Cunk does a great job of blending humor with real history.

Still, after the first 42 years history Drop, it’s great to be able to experience the Mel Brooks we all love and know. History of the World, Part II, Comedy Legends offers a sketch/parody series to cuddle with when we all need a good laugh.

catch History of the World, Part II, Available on Hulu from March 6th.

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