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At $6,700 USD per serving, this is the world’s most expensive ice cream

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If you have a sweet tooth and have a few thousand dollars to spare, you might want to consider the world’s most expensive ice cream.

Ice cream made by Japanese ice cream brand “Cerato” Guinness World Records The title of a super expensive dessert. A small amount of this bottle, named White Nights, costs as much as a used car. The price for one bottle is a staggering he US$6,696 (CAD$9,039.67).

Guinness World Records

So why is this dessert so expensive?

“The reason for the high price is the raw material, the highlight being the rare white truffle from Alba, Italy, which is priced at 2 million yen (approximately £12,000, or $15,192) per kilogram,” the statement said. is written in “We also use special ingredients such as Parmigiano Reggiano and sake lees.”

It also uses natural cheese and edible gold leaf, and is the work of Churyo Yamada, head chef of a restaurant in Osaka. libiKnown for its fusion cuisine.

Watch the video below.

“It took over a year and a half to develop, and we went through a lot of trial and error to get the flavor right. said.

The company plans to add more flavors in the future, using ingredients such as champagne and caviar.

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