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A Gleefully Sick Good Time

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Becky was a surprisingly small hit in 2020 (it probably would have been a big hit if COVID-19 hadn’t interrupted its normal theatrical release). The film is a brisk, brutal, and belligerent thriller with a twisted sense of humor about a teenage girl and a gang of neo-Nazis who break into her home in search of the mysterious keys her mother left before she died. It was the content of confrontation.

Becky’s wrath Essentially, it’s the exact same movie whether you give or give. Becky is in dire straits, but has the upper hand. She eliminates one Nazi after another in the woodlands around her isolated home. The villainous leader is intimidating and disturbing, but played by a famous comedian. There are a few developments regarding Becky and the Mysterious Key, but for the most part the sequel feels exactly the same, but better. We narrowed down the structure of the first film to a leaner look, refined the action sequences, and perfected the villains. Becky’s wrath Not original, but great.

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Lulu Wilson was surprisingly effective in bloody scenes Becky The 13-year-old boy not only had a knack for violence, but also enjoyed gore to the point of insanity. The feeling of the protagonist’s lack of freedom (which is made even worse by the fact that she’s a teenage girl) is reinforced in this one. Becky’s wrath In the sequel, she lives with her beloved dog and a kind old lady named Elena. It’s not a bad life by any means, but there’s a sense that Becky is either traumatized by the previous massacre, or perhaps actually just missed the murder and wants the bloodshed.

Becky’s death wish is fulfilled when a group of up-and-coming neo-Nazis grab a snack at the diner she waitresses. Of course they are rude and Becky fantasizes about murdering them. She doesn’t draw blood, but she deliberately spills hot coffee on one of them. Bypassing a trip to the neo-Nazi headquarters, the dastardly gang pursues Becky’s home and breaks into her home at night. Things escalate until Becky has nothing to lose and she is left alone.

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Becky corners the men and tracks them to a rustic cabin in the woods, the isolated home of “The Noble Man.” This is a pretty obvious interpretation of a real-life hateful racist group, the so-called Proud Boys. Becky stumbles upon their political assassination plot and devises a ruse to lure the men out in a direct revenge plot. What happens next is surprisingly gruesome and sometimes hilarious. After all, this is a sequel to a movie in which a teenage girl runs over someone’s face with a lawnmower and dies, so the threshold is already high.

Sean William Scott becomes real

Sean William Scott, Becky's Wrath
Quiver distribution

Wilson is great as Becky, the rising psychopath we love to root for, but it’s the antagonists that really make this movie memorable. The first vicious but silly complaint Becky encounters consists of a brilliant cross-section of the sheer awfulness. One is a hot-tempered misogynist with cerebral muscles (Andrew Tatetype), the other thinks he’s funny but just a hateful and lame weirdo (Steven Tate). Crowder type), and the other is quiet and probably regrets joining the Society. There are others, but they are still accused because they are accomplices (Dave Rubin type).

The three arrive at the Noble Men’s headquarters and meet Daryl, the leader of a neo-Nazi group. Played by Sublime Sean William Scott In one of the best performances of the year, Daryl is obnoxiously polite and chooses his words very carefully. He doesn’t joke, swear, or spew hateful rhetoric like the rest of us. He looks like a redneck Nazi samurai. He’s a charming character, isn’t he? He may be full of spite and bigot, but Daryl is usually the smartest person in the room. But he had never been in the same room as Becky before.

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Scott is perfect. He’s honestly great. Even though he is quiet and polite, he is very intimidating. There are other villains in the film who give amazingly entertaining performances, but Scott reigns supreme over them. Filmmakers Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote are clearly enamored with Scott’s performance, and the camera is obsessed with him. Psychological sparring with Becky is super fun.

Liberal Wish Fulfillment in Becky’s Wrath

Quiver distribution

Becky’s wrathin some cases, It feels almost satirical. Some of the violence (and Becky’s physical prowess) is so over the top that the film seems to be in a sort of elevated state of comedic insanity. Looking at the credits, this movie is decidedly more like a dark and funny cartoon than the somewhat finicky first one.

In fact, this works better. It essentially allows the audience to enjoy the movie instead. When a movie is so realistic, it’s unfunny and ethically offensive to put yourself in the position of a killer (just watch) Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer). So while it may seem a bit twisted, Becky’s wrath A masterpiece that fulfills your wishes. This movie genuinely cultivates the antagonists you hate (unless you’re a white supremacist, a chauvinist, a xenophobic fundamentalist) and delights in hurting them.

As the alt-right becomes the traditional right-wing and MAGA madness becomes the new normal, Becky’s wrath For those who actively dislike prejudices and prejudices of all kinds, it seems to me that the film will become more and more interesting. To liberals and leftists, Proud Boy, the Daily Wire, OAN, and Fox News’ gleefully gory attacks on the mentality are virtually pornographic.but what Becky’s wrath This is much more than a didactic social thriller kind of thing. huntingbecause Becky’s wrath It’s really fun. This leaves room for his third film, and depending on the state of the world in the years to come, there’s a good chance he’ll need it.

From the Quiver distribution, Becky’s wrath will be released in limited theaters from May 26.

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