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Thrifter calls out Value Village for selling “used perfume” for $90 (PHOTOS)

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Any thrifty person would expect their money not to be wasted when shopping at a store like Value Village. But one Vancouver shopper slammed the store, saying, “The prices at Value Village are outrageous!”

A Reddit post posted by someone on the r/NiceVancouver page caught our attention. Photo of a used perfume bottle selling for $89.99 at Value Village.


They also shared dozens of other items they called “exorbitantly priced Brica Blacks (sic).”

Locals have found “dirty-ass sandals that cost more than you’d pay for new,” ranging from $11.49 to $26.


Or this pottery flower “trinket” that sells for $39.99.


Many Redditors commented that they noticed that their local Value Village was also pricing items “out of control”.

“Prices are too far apart [it’s] “It’s not fun,” said one person, adding, “I found a lot of ridiculously cheap items at Value Village. I’ve resold $10 items for hundreds of dollars.”

Earlier this month, one recycler told the Daily Hive that he bought designer handbags and even Polly Pocket toys for hundreds of dollars.

And in her experience of thrift, she knows when an item is overpriced and isn’t afraid to say something silly when she finds it.

During a recent visit to Value Village, she found a product that wasn’t for her. It was the unsealed Creed perfume that sold her for $300.

House of Creed is a luxury perfume brand whose website says fragrances sell for between $230 and $600. In a video she posted on TikTok, the box appears to be open, but it’s unclear if the product has been used.

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