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Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive Vestron Video SteelBook Blu-Ray Review: A Horror Collector’s Dream

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Since the 1970s, horror maestro Stephen King has turned his terrifying tales into films. A prolific writer, the author has been the literary backbone behind some of the greatest cinematic masterpieces. These include Academy Award nominated and winning films such as: In the Shawshank Redemption, green mileand miserablean explosive box office hit like 2017 that And a sequel in 2019, and arguably the best coming-of-age movie of all time, assist me.

But in 1986, King stepped out of his novelist comfort zone and decided to direct. max overdrive, is a diesel-fueled horror film about an intelligent machine trying to take over the world. Cheesy, gory, and damned, this movie brings together a delightful cast of Emilio Estevez (young guns, Mighty Ducks), Pat Hingle (Batman), Laura Harrington (Eating Gilbert Grape), Yeardley Smith (simpsons), Holter Graham (fly away home). held in Wilmington, North Carolina, max overdrive It spawned corny words, exploding trucks, obnoxious ATMs, and kids getting crushed. The film is the only one directed by Stephen King and has garnered a cult following from his horror community over the past 35-plus years.

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of Lionsgate vestron videoAn aggressive company in the ever-shrinking physical media market, has released the SteelBook Special Edition. max overdriveno horror lover’s collection is complete without this.

New art and sharper images

De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
vestron video

Aside from the killer new steelbook art for this film, this remastering max overdrive It’s crisp and clean, showing a more vivid and clear presentation even in dark scenes. Everything looks better in this new digital remaster, including massive explosions, gory spurts of blood, and enhanced visuals for night scenes that were half-distorted in the older versions of the film.this is the cleanest version max overdrive it was released. It’s a horror collector’s dream.

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Maximum Overdrive Special Edition
De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

This new special edition max overdrive has lots of goodies for hardcore horror fans. Special features include his two separate audio commentaries for the film, one by the film’s author, Tony Magistrale. Stephen King in Hollywood, another from actor Jonah Ray and Blumhouse executive Ryan Chulek. There are several interviews with the cast and crew, including Martha De Laurentiis, the film’s producer, and actors Laura Harrington, John Short, Yeardley Smith, and Holter Graham, who spoke about their experiences both filming. It is max overdriveand the impact acting in films had on their lives and careers.

One of the most interesting interviews comes from the film’s special effects creator, Dean Gates, who goes into great detail (including stills) about many of the film’s most harrowing and bloody scenes that were cut to soften early screenings. ) is speaking. .

This feature also includes an interview with Murray Inglehart, co-author of AC/DC: Maximum Rock’n’Roll. The popular rock band released a soundtrack album to accompany the film. who made who, the title song was written for the film. The rest of the album contains songs from other albums, such as “Hells Bells” and “You Shook Me All Night Long”.

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“Wilmington Factor” and “Goblin Resurrectus”

Maximum Overdrive Steelbook Edition
De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
vestron video

This version also includes a segment called “The Wilmington Factor,” which provides an in-depth look at Wilmington, North Carolina and its famous title, “Hollywood on the East Coast,” in the mid-to-late 1980s. This section also talks about Dino De Laurentiis’ studio in Wilmington and his relationship with Stephen King’s work after shooting. fire starter, silver bulletand Cats eye in the city. Interviews with several different crew members who still live in Wilmington give a complete picture of the spacecraft. Exploring the peculiarities of filming locations. A great look back at the history of East Coast cinema.

Probably the coolest part of the feature is “Return of the Goblin.” This corner tells the story of the famous Green His Goblin truck prop that appeared in the film, how it was discovered decades after the film was shot, and how it was personally restored. , talks about how we got to where we are today. It has made its way onto the horror convention circuit across the United States and Canada.

We highly recommend getting this 80’s horror treasure in its new remaster. With its crisp, clean display and special features you’ve never seen before, it’s perfect for anyone collecting physical media. Bestron Video Steelbook Blu-ray release of max overdrive will be released on May 30, 2023 and is worth $29.99.

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