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TikToker on perks and perils of Friday at Costco after two glasses of wine | Canada

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TikToker is showing everyone that spending a Friday night at Costco might be more fun than going to a bar, and people find it relatable.

In a video that has more than 4 million views, LA-based digital creator Daniel Bennett, 27, explained that he wasn’t in the mood to hang out with his roommates on Friday night, so he was going out. ing. Costco Instead.

“It was a Friday night and I wanted the whole apartment to stay home,” says Bennett. “We were like, ‘I’m not going out tonight. There’s no way I’m going out.’ So one of my roommates suggested I go to Costco and walk around. I don’t need anything, just go. “

He held up a plastic cup of wine and said, [before going to] Costco. “

The following clip shows As Bennett was walking to Costco, he heard a friend say, “Damn, why am I so excited?”

“We have arrived,” says Bennett. “The happiest place on earth.”

Check out the clip below.

@dxnielbennet New Friday Activity Unlocked #costco #Millennials #Nightlife ♬ Pump Up Kick

Continuing to look down the aisle, Bennett asks the viewer:I mean, do you think you need 6 pounds of meat? that’s a good deal. “

But he warns viewers not to go to Costco without a shopping list, especially after having two glasses of wine.

At the end of the video, Bennett asks:So the question is, how much do you think you spent at the bar this Friday night? Around $100 each, right? how much did you use “

his friends say he spent $99.63.

Bennett says:I spent $85. “

Judging by the comments, viewers were amused by this Friday night activity, and many certainly acknowledged that.

Some recommend Costco as a first date spot.

Some even suggested spending Friday night at IKEA.

However, one viewer expressed disappointment that Bennett did not post the transport video.

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